Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Multimedia

Course Title Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Multimedia
Course Overview Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Multimedia program comes under the category of Multimedia/Visual-Animation Courses. This program details about the various techniques of using multimedia applications and technology used in visual graphics or animation. Multimedia designers are educated & further employed to develop the latest and most sophisticated or advanced stage of digital content for different platforms. This course will teach you prolific things about the interactive Design & Development covering both the front-end and back-end development. In this course, you will learn to conceptualize the code and to publish content on the Web. As well as, you will get to learn how to mix and produce the visual elements for digital content.
Study Mode Full Time – 1 year 6 Month (Level 3)
Commencement January ,April & September
Entry Requirements Minimum requirement at least 16 years old above, able to read and write. At least level 2 (IT-050-2)
Course Details
Storyboard Creation Production Planning
Product Review Production Output Coordination
Report Preparation Staff Training

Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Multimedia program certificate-in-hotel-and-catering-management

In the modern scenario, the need of a multimedia expert exists from a small organization to big enterprises/organizations. Therefore, this growing phenomenon is likely to have a need of highly-skilled and creative designers for various developments. A student will become expert in multimedia designing or website developing as well as also learn to work on these concepts:

  • Job planning design
  • Resource planning
  • Text composition
  • Videos
  • Sound and animation composition
  • Production output

Why Choose this Course?

This course will get plenty of opportunities for you. It makes a student eligible to work in various sectors with different profiles as multimedia developer, graphics designer, website designer etc. After completion of this course students will be able to work with organizations or enterprises professionally. Student will become eligible of graphic & multimedia designing as well as website developing and designing. Other than this there are many sectors which invite students for these job profiles:

  • Graphic multimedia designer
  • Graphic editor
  • Creative artist
  • Product designer
  • Website designer
  • Website developer etc