INTERNATIONAL OFFICE - Victoria International College, Malaysia

International Office

We are advocates for a system that fosters an environment in which international students can study with Malaysian students and make the most of the opportunities we provide. To ensure that our international student program is at par with the best, the members of our International Office interact with organizations (both private and public) and officials that are invested in enabling successful international education programs.

Victoria International College has a diverse student body comprising of scholars from across the world. To help them reach their full potential, the college provides international students with the right kind of support and assistance. This is offered through the Victoria International College International Office. Guidance on all aspects related to admission, accommodation, arrival, immigration, fees, medical insurance and orientation is provided at the center.

Immigration and Arrival

To allow international students to enroll, colleges in Malaysia require permission, and Victoria International College has it. To study in Malaysia, scholars have to get a student pass. For this, you will have to send an application through the college. This can be done via the International Office. After your application is accepted, we will help you apply for your student pass before you enter Malaysia. Once the immigration department accepts the request, we send a letter of approval will be released to us. This will then be forwarded to you through our International Office.

Before you embark on your journey to Malaysia, ensure that you inform the International Office about the time and date of your arrival in the country along with the flight number and airport at which you will be. A representative from our International Office will be there to receive you on your arrival. At the check-point, you will be issued a visa. This will be provided on your passport, which we will submit for a student pass, in the two weeks that you arrive at Malaysia. An endorsement for your student pass will then be issued on your passport.


Once you arrive at Malaysia, you will require accommodation in a place that will make it easy for you to arrive in time for your classes. Before you choose a place to stay in Malaysia, you will have to take into consideration the kind of environment you want to live in. Inform the International Students Center at Victoria International College about your decision.

The college will then do all that it required to find an accommodation that suits your needs best. We do this because we understand that getting the right accommodation can be a challenge for students new to Malaysia. The college has a system by way of which we can find out about accommodation suitable for students.

One of the services offered is a listing of accommodation facilities like apartments near the college. In the listing, we will give you addresses, phone numbers and price ranges of the apartments in addition to details like the number of bedrooms and amenities, and distance of the accommodation from the college campus. You can use the listings to find the apartment that you want.

For students who want to find out about apartments on their own, the classified advertisement section of the local newspaper is a good option. It carries details about accommodation options that open up close to the college campus. If you need more help with this, all you have to do is go to our staff members and tell them what you require.


The International Office has been established with the aim of providing our potential students the advice they require to help them choose a course based on their requirements. We offer assistance with admissions, as we understand that the process can be difficult for an international student who is unfamiliar with the educational system in Malaysia. We provide all the details you will require about the rules and regulations that are part of the system.

The application procedure for international students is quite similar to that for Malaysian students. In case students have doubts about the forms they are required to submit or they explanations about the forms, they can contact us. To ensure that we are able to process your application successfully, we require you to send completed forms.

We give our students two convenient options for sending in applications – courier and e-mail. Our international students prefer to send their applications through email as it is quite easy. You can choose the option that suits you best. We inform students about whether their application went through successfully and was accepted or not. Once the admission goes through successfully, students are helped with the next stage in their entrance to the college – enrolment.

Opportunities for Students

We extend to all our students, equal opportunities, irrespective of nationality. This means that our international students can be sure that they can qualify for the awards, programs and scholarships the college has – provided they meet the criteria that everyone has to. We admit all students who prove that they can make the best of the opportunities we provide. Our courses and programs are designed to be suitable for all students.

Admission applications are processed efficiently. We have an administration board which has developed a system for admission. Each course has a selector who takes into consideration various aspects that students are required to fulfill for the area of study they apply.

The office also provides the fee structure for international students. You can get the details regarding the fees through the International Office. This includes the break-up of the fee structure between tuition and administration charges. We require students to pay their fees on a yearly basis.

Medical Insurance

We advise that our students – both international and Malaysian – have medical insurance. This can go a long way in ensuring that you get access to health care in a timely manner. With a health insurance, the expenses you incur on health care will be less. As a student in a foreign country, this will be important for you. It will cover medical expenses like costs of visits to a doctor and medicines that you may need during a course of treatment.

If you don't have a health insurance and want to take one when you are in Malaysia, let our International Students' Center know about it. We will do our best to help you find an insurance policy that is right for you.

Orientation Program

Victoria International College has an orientation program which is designed to ensure that our international students have a good understanding of what we offer. During the orientation, you will get to meet other students who have newly joined our programs. This is a great platform to mingle with other international students and staff members.

We make presentations on important aspects that international students should be familiar with, like administration, so our students know more about how the college works. You will also get to find out about the campus services we provide. We conduct brief discussions and hold talks on aspects regarding immigration.

Following this, you will be taken through a tour of the college campus. This is a great way for you to get familiar with the facilities and provisions we have on campus for you. Another important part of our orientation program is workshops. Through this, we provide the tools you will require to make the shift to our international campus, easily.

Victoria International College is invested in the well-being of our international students. Through the International Office, we ensure that our foreign students are given the best tools to help them adjust to the society.

Cultural integration: One of our key aims is to help you transition smoothly to the culture in Malaysia and the student life you will lead in the college. We provide our international students with information that they will require to ensure that they are complying with the immigration requirements in Malaysia. Another aspect that we know is important to our international students is – understanding how to maintain visa status.

Legal assistance: To provide our international students with the legal assistance they require when they are in Malaysia, we have a skilled legal team. Its members are capable of providing you with the help you require.

Social support: When you are at Victoria International College, you are part of a large community that is supportive. The impetus for it comes from the International Office. We provide all the support you require to achieve the success you set out to attain when you join our college. Your requirements and full potential will be taken into account so we can provide you with the right kind of support you need.

Campus Environment

On our campus, you can be sure that the environment is one that is nurturing and accepting. We provide our students the best of education and support. No matter what you require assistance with, you will get it at Victoria International College. Our International Office's support team is trained to give students the right measure of guidance that can help them make the right choices. This is one of the reasons our college campus is safe.

Climate in Malaysia

Malaysia has a pleasant climate which makes it a suitable place for students. Throughout the year, we receive moderate rainfall. So, it is a good idea for students to carry clothes that are apt for the rains. In November, the rains tend to get quite heavy. To protect yourself from it, you should carry rain gear. In case you want to find out about the climate in Malaysia for when you join our college, contact our International Office. We will provide you with advice that will help you prepare for the climate in Malaysia.

International Student Advisors

Through our International Students' Center, scholars can meet each other and access the resources that are necessary to get them to the level of success they want to achieve. To help them along their path to success, we have International Student Advisors. They help reduce acculturation issues. One way they achieve this is by helping international students meet and interact with others who are from different nationalities.

We understand that finding out about the tools that helped other international students integrate cultural differences can go a long way in helping new students with the same. On our campus, you will experience a cultural diversity that is enriching. It brings together the best of different cultures to make our college the place to be in.

Our International Student Advisors have a good understanding of the various aspects that go into making our college international student friendly. If you want any clarifications regarding this, you can contact our International Office. The student advisors will be able to answer all the questions you have.

At Victoria International College, we understand that you will require access to resources that will help you become successful in your educational endeavors. The International Student Advisors on our team are trained to provide you with just that – guide you in finding the resources that are right for you.

To ensure that the culture of academic integrity we treasure is upheld, members of Victoria International College strive to promote responsibility, trust, respect, honesty and fairness. Our main objective is to make sure that your academic and personal growth at the college is rewarding and successful. The opportunity to study in Malaysia will be enriching and adventurous – and you can make the most of it. The college, which employs advanced technology, top-notch education system and a supportive International Office, make it the best place to study.