Architectural Draughtsman

  • Junior Architectural Draugthman (Level 1)
  • Architectural Draugthman (Level 2)
  • senior architectural draugthman (Level 3)

This programme is organized by the Department of Skills Development (DSD). It is designed to prepare participants in Architectural Drawings. Participants would be guided in Architectural drawings by computer (CADD) and manual. Upon completion of the programme, participants are expected to have an understanding on how to make a structure and architectural drawings. Participants would also be introduced to enhanced design and 3D graphics and understanding on how to prepare a model for the presentations.

This program is devised in such a way as to equip students with the appropriate technical drawing skill that enable them to produce detailed drawings with CAD that complies with Local Building By-Law and guidelines. The training program also provides students with the opportunity to acquire business skills and leadership ability. Draughtsman are responsible for drawing up set designs. Working to the Production Designer's references and specifications conveyed via the Art Director, Draughtsman use their knowledge and skills to translate these ideas into detailed technical drawings, showing plans, elevations and sections. Sets are never improvised by Carpenters or members of the Construction Department on a film; they are meticulously planned and set out, so that they can be realized in the most efficient manner possible.

Construction crews on films (as on building sites) work to a set of blueprints created especially for them, and these accurate drawings are the responsibility of Draughtsman. They are requested by the Production Designer, Supervising Art Director or Art Director, work on a freelance basis, and usually specialise in either film or television production.

Training and qualifications

As Draughtsman must have excellent drawing skills, a degree in Fine Art, Graphics, Theatre, Architecture or 3D Design is a prerequisite. Some individuals may also undertake higher level courses in Film and/or Theatre Production Design, whilst others prefer to acquire hands-on experience working at junior levels as Art Department Assistants. An understanding of how Art Departments work can be a definite advantage when drawing up sets and working with the Construction Department. Various short courses are also available in Draughting Skills, Design for the Camera, Computer Aided Design, etc. All Draughtsman work for a period of time as Junior Draughtsman, where they develop their drawing skills and learn under the guidance of more experienced practitioners.

Essential knowledge and skills

Draughtsman must have expert knowledge of all building materials and construction techniques. They should also have a good understanding of what Directors and Directors of Photography require from film sets in terms of light and camera angles, etc. Knowledge of history and of period details and techniques is also useful. Even though most draughting is still carried out free-hand, knowledge of computer aided design programmes (CADS) is an advantage.

Key Skills include :

  • Excellent technical drawing skills
  • Ability to visualize perspective and 3-dimensional space
  • Keen interest in design, architecture and film
  • Ability to visually interpret other people's ideas
  • Ability to work quickly and to respond to any required changes
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Knowledge of the requirements of the relevant Health and Safety legislation and procedures.