Diploma in Special Needs

Course Title Diploma in Special Needs
Course Overview

Diploma in Special Needs course offered by Victoria International College is a special program designed to teach students some special educational reforms such as: psychological illustration and understandings of people, Rehabilitation, Organizational and Individual Behavior Learning, Teaching specially talented and gifted children, Fundamentals and Basics of Management, Taking care of children and Old people. This course includes the study of taking care of children which needs special educational needs and pedagogy.

This course will provide a student specific qualities and attributes in teaching students with physical disabilities, hearing or visual impairment, emotional and behavioral problems, special learning difficulties and mild to moderate learning difficulties.

Study Mode Full time – 2 1/2 years
Commencement January, April & September
Entry Requirements SPM with minimum 3 credit in any subject/ pass certificate in related field / Other equivalent qualification recognized by the Government of Malaysia.
Semester 1
No Course Name Course Code Credit Hours Classification
1 English Language ENG 4013 3 Minor
2 Theoretical Perspectives for Special Needs
Introduction to Psychology old
DSN 4023 3 Major
3 Introduction to Exceptionalities and Learning Needs DSN 4033 3 Major
4 Psychology for Special Needs Education DSN 4043 3 Minor
Semester 2
No Course Name Course Code Credit Hours Classification
6 IT & Applications IT 4063 3 Minor
7 Pedagogy of Special Needs Education DSN 4074 4 Major
8 Educational Technology for Special Needs Education DSN 4084 4 Major
9 Education of the senses
Emerging Trends in Education old
DSN 4093 3 Major
10 Lifespan Development
Theory of Special Needs
DSN 4103 3 Major
Semester 3
No Course Name Course Code Credit Hours Classification
11 BAHASA KEBANGSAAN MPW 1113 3 Compulsory
12 MALAYSIAN STUDIES MPW 1123 3 Compulsory
13 MORAL STUDIES MPW 1133 3 Compulsory
Semester 4
No Course Name Course Code Credit Hours Classification
14 Statistics for Sciences MATH 4153 3 Minor
15 SRehabilitation and Community Based Rehabilitation DSN 4164 4 Major
16 Introduction to Psychology Lifespan development old DSN 4173 3 Major
17 Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour MGT 4183 3 Major
18 Teaching talented and gifted children DSN 4194 4 Major
Semester 5
No Course Name Course Code Credit Hours Classification
19 Fundamentals of Management MGT 4203 3 Minor
20 Educational Guidance and Counselling DSN 4214 4 Major
21 Care, Early interaction and Pedagogy DSN 4223 3 Major
22 Emerging Trends in Education Education of the senses old DSN 4234 4 Major
23 Pedagogy in early childhood education DSN 4243 3 Major
Semester 6
No Course Name Course Code Credit Hours Classification
24 Health Information System DSN 4253 3 Minor
25 Healthcare & Professional Liability DSN 4263 3 Major
26 Interventions for Children with Special Educational Needs DSN 4273 3 Major
Semester 7 & 8
No Course Name Course Code Credit Hours Classification
27 Practical Training IP 4286 6 Major

Diploma in Special Needs

Diploma in Special Needs is a course which can also be described as Special educational needs. The graduated students works as teachers for the children who need special attention or care (young people who have difficulties or disabilities). These children find studying or learning the courses contents or educational things harder than most children of the same age. Those Students who want to help children as well as are looking for a role in education, this course is perfectly suitable for you.

A student in this Special Education diploma will require providing some services after the successful completion of this course, such as: Helping a pupil to gain his/her self-confidence, boosting their independentness, increasing their abilities and attitudes, preparing specially designed lessons and teaching materials, putting up study materials as the displays in the classroom, working with other professionals like medical professionals, speech and language therapists and educational psychologists also.

Why to choose this course?

After successful completion of this diploma course, a wide range of opportunities are available for students in various areas such as: rehabilitation centers, physiotherapists, education consultants, teachers and many others. The diploma courses studied at VIC are a great way to enhancing and lifting up the skills and attributes. Students who believe in taking specialization degree in this course can study further within many colleges & universities across the world. Although a student will find most opportunities for Special needs course into the profession of teaching in mainstream schools. There are also many opportunities to work and excel your career in student referral units, hospital schools or youth custody centre.