National Skill Diploma (DKM) Assistant Mechatronic Technologist Level 2,3 & 4

Our Accredited centre, Victoria International College offers skills Certificate/Diploma (SKM/DKM) courses under the Jabatan Kemahiran Malaysia (Department of Skills Development of the Ministry of Human Resources). Various vocational courses are offered in the fields of:

  • National Skill Diploma (DKM) Assistant Mechatronic Technologist Level 2,3 & 4
  • Course Title : Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Mechatronics
  • Study Mode : Full time (Level-2, 3, & 4)
  • Commencement : Jan, April, June, Sept and November.

Entry Requirement

Minimum requirement age 16-25 years old
able to read and write

Learning Outcome

Course Details (Level 2) : The Industrial Automation Engineering Support Service (LEVEL 2) personnel are the technicians who are responsible for the industrial automation engineering support service functions in organizations. The role of the incumbent is to ensure the administration and execution of the support service functions is well-organized in order to achieve the departmental objectives and organizational mission and vision as a whole. It is the requirement for the incumbent to have the industrial automation related engineering skills, knowledge and attitude.

Course Details (Level 3) : Industrial Automation Engineering Supervisor (LEVEL 3) is the incumbent who is responsible for the Supervision of industrial automation engineering support service function in order to achieve the objectives set by the employer effectively. The role of the incumbent is to assist the Industrial Automation Engineering Administrator and Manager in utilizing all allocated resources to achieve departmental objectives in a way to reach overall organizational mission and vision. In view of the fact that the Industrial Automation Engineering Supervisor leads the Industrial Automation Engineering Technician groups and directly involved in the Supervision of industrial automation engineering activities, it is a requirement that he acquire the industrial automation related technical knowledge and supervisory management skills.

Course Details (Level 4) : Assistant Mechatronic Technologist (LEVEL 4) is a person who is designated to analyze mechatronic product manufacturability, develop mechatronic product design, manage mechatronic product fabrication, manage mechatronic project and manage mechatronic functionality and logistic.

In particular he / she is responsible to the following jobs :-

  • Prepare Mechatronic Product Concept Proposal
  • Plan Product Development Process
  • Prepare Mechatronic Product Design Concept Proposal
  • Carry Out Mechatronic Product Parameters Calculation
  • Design Mechatronic Product
  • Prepare Mechatronic Product Bill Of Material
  • Prepare Mechatronic Detail Drawing
  • Plan Mechatronic Product Fabrication Schedule
  • Monitor Mechatronic Product Fabrication Activities
  • Plan Project Parts In Place Schedule
  • Monitor Mechatronic Product Assemblies
  • Monitor Mechatronic Project Trials (Pilot)
  • Conduct Pre-Delivery Product Inspection
  • Conduct Mechatronic Installation And Commissioning
  • Prepare Product Instruction Manual
  • Conduct Mechatronic On-Site Survey
  • Conduct Equipment & Machinery Setup
  • Establish Occupational Safety And Health (OSH) Environment Programme
  • Coordinate Equipment Maintenance
  • Conduct Mechatronic Equipment Troubleshooting

Program Schedule

Instruction takes place Mondays through Friday, 09:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. In addition, students are required to participate in the daytime core abilities programs Schedules vary each semester and will be provided to students at the start of the program.


Upon successful completion, students receive a Malaysian Skill Certification from Development of Skill Department, Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia. Enrolment Qualifications. This course comes under vocational education within vocation schools.

Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of their dedicated interest in the program and the seriousness with which they intend to pursue the course of study. Work experience in the culinary profession will be considered, but is not a requirement. Applicants must have a command of skills and techniques necessary for reading and executing recipes, such as knowledge of weights and measurements.