Bachelor of Science in Multimedia and Web Technology

Course Title Bachelor of Science in Multimedia and Web Technology
Course Overview The Bachelor of Science in Multimedia and Web Technology covers basic concepts with subjects such as: Internet basics, computer organization and architecture, Basics of multimedia, programming Language as well as communication languages e.g. French & English. Victoria International College focuses on overall development of a student through letting them learn the scientific concepts of multimedia and web technology.
Study Mode Full time – 3 years
Commencement January ,April, July & September
Entry Requirements Pass STPM (2 Principles ) & SPM credit in Mathematics / A Levels or equivalent with CGPA of 2.0 minimum or Pass in Matriculation, Foundation Studies or Pass Diploma with CGPA of 2.0 minimum and SPM with credit Mathematics or Other equivalent qualification recognized by the Government of Malaysia.
Course Details
Semester 1
Language 1 – French 1
English 1
Internet Basics
Computer Organization and Architecture
Mathematics for Computing
Language 2 – French 2
English 2
Introduction to Multimedia and its application
C Programming
Discrete Mathematics
Tamadun Islam dan Asia Hubungan Etnik
(Only Local Students)
Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2 Malaysian Studies (International Students)
Bahasa kebangsaan A (SPM BM pass) (MPU2)
Leadership and Interpersonal Skill (SPM BM credit)
Moral Studies (MPU 3) Islam Studies
Soft Skill (MPU 4)
Data Structure & Algorithms
Client & Server Computing
Java Programming
Fundamental of Computer Graphics
Elective I
Web Services
Introduction to PHP Programming
PC software –Theory
PC software –Practical
Object Oriented Programming with C++
Consumer Behavior
Digital Image Processing
Elective II
Database Management System
Artificial Intelligence
Oracle Programming
Introduction to Animation Techniques
Elective III @ I
Visual Basic
Web Technology (ASP.Net)
Operating System
Elective III
Elective I
Management Information System
Computing and Web Law
Entrepreneurship and Web Project Management

Bachelor of Science in Multimedia and Web Technology

This program is an important step for students who wish to have great success further in the field of both designing & technology. Multimedia has become a very large sector as per today's challenging technology environment. Management of different aspects of a business project to accomplish the common goals is a feature of this course too. It involves topics relating to technology and designing which helps students cover the exquisite career opportunities in the future ahead.

Why Choose this Course?

VIC programs are designed for the students who are encouraged in making career in the very developing fields of web technology and the most required multimedia technology in any organization. The development of students is a considerable & important point for Victoria International University and thus, we have provided a variety of topics for a student to learn in this course. This course includes computer science topics like DSA, Client & Server Computing, Java Programming, Graphics, Web Services and animations. These all topics are very advanced and also useful in views of good opportunities.