Why Study VIC, Malaysia?

Why Study at Victoria International College, Malaysia

Victoria International College (VIC) is a global center of excellence that has been offering higher education services for the past 35 years. The college is located in Bandar Tasik Puteri, Rawang. Founded in 1976, the premier institute is well known for providing holistic, relevant and industry driven education.

All the courses offered by VIC are designed based on the needs of the industry. This helps students gain knowledge and develop skills that are sought by employers and enables them to succeed in their chosen career.

Being an international institution, VIC attracts students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Anyone who is qualified to undertake their chosen course can apply at VIC regardless of their race, sex, age, religion, nationality and disability. VIC strongly believes in offering equal opportunity for all students.

However, applicants need to meet the academic requirements of the college. This is essential to maintain the high educational standards of the institution. Other than academic score, the range of subjects studied in the chosen field, competence and skill are also given importance during the process of selection.

There are a number of reasons that make Victoria International College a great place to pursue your chosen course. These include:

Reputation as a Global Center for Educational Excellence

Victoria International College has been offering quality higher education courses for the past 35 years. With each year, VIC's passion for the pursuit of excellence has only been increasing. This is the diving factor behind the institute's success.

Over the years, VIC has managed to make a place for itself among the leading educational institutions. Getting your degree or certificate from a reputed institute has some added advantages. As the credibility of the institute is well established, your knowledge and skills are not likely to be questioned.

VIC being a well established college, you are unlikely to face problems like inefficient communication system and the lack of facilities that are associated with newer institutes. Your experience at VIC is likely to a great learning right from the process of admission up to the time you pass out.

Having a degree from a reputed institute like VIC can also improve your chance of getting good career opportunities. Having a head start in career can be a huge advantage. It can help you achieve your professional goals faster.

Highly Trained and Experienced Faculty

At Victoria International College, we believe that faculty is the single most important determinant of the quality of an educational institution. This is the reason why we put so much effort into attracting, nurturing and retaining a great faculty.

All our staff members are experts in their fields. They not only have a strong command over the subjects they teach, but also possess knowledge about effective teaching methods and approaches. This ensures that you gain the knowledge and the skill that are sought by employers.

Excellent Infrastructure and Facilities

We provide a wide variety of facilities to ensure that your experience at Victoria International College is productive and enjoyable. The facilities include classrooms, laboratories, examination halls, cafeteria, library and accommodation.

The library at VIC offers a comprehensive collection of all the latest textbooks and reference books. We also have full time librarians to assist students. The accommodation at VIC is safe, secure, clean and comfortable. We can also recommend other off campus accommodations if desired.

Illustrious Collaborations

Many people consider the collaborations that a college has with other educational institutes as a determinant of its quality. Victoria International College has long standing relationships with a number of other prestigious educational institutions; these include:

  • Lincoln University
  • Barathiar University
  • Shobit University
  • Sikkim Manipal University
  • Strathclyde University
  • London Metropolitan University
  • La Trobe University
  • Griffith University
  • Keele University
  • Victoria University (Australia)

Bright Future Prospects

All the students passing out of VIC as professionals have attractive career prospects. The college prepares you for success in your chosen field. As all the courses are industry driven and designed to fulfill the requirements of the industry, they provide students with the knowledge and skills, which make them prize hires for would-be employers.

For instance, if you opt for a diploma in Pharmacy at Victoria International College, upon graduation you will find opportunities in various sectors of pharmacy like polyclinics, specialist medical centers, retail pharmacies as well as hospital pharmacies. You may also pursue openings in the field of drug discovery research, public health services, pharmacy management, drug information services, nutraceuticals, health supplements, health care, drug regulation and more.

Similarly, VIC graduates from other courses like management, nursing, physiotherapy, accountancy, environmental health, hotel management and information technology also have a variety of opportunities. The college also guides students and assists them in their placement efforts.

Apart from job, you can also pursue higher studies. For instance, upon completion of a graduate diploma in pharmacy, you can further improve your prospects by pursuing a degree in biomedical science, chemistry, pharmacy, pharmaceutical science, dentistry, medicine or any other course related to the healthcare industry. Similarly, other courses also offer abundant opportunities for higher studies.

A Vibrant Culturally Diverse Learning Environment

Being a well established international institute, VIC attracts students from across the globe. Our students come in touch with people for a wide variety of backgrounds. This leads to the creation of a vibrant learning environment having a mix of several races, cultures, religions, languages and opinions.

Students can get acquainted with foreign cultures, learn new languages and make friends across the world. The exposure to such cultural diversity and global communication can be a significant advantage in your professional career.