Diploma in Games Design

Course Title Diploma in Games Design
Course Overview The Diploma in Games Design course offered by Victoria International College focuses on designing processes and functions of games. The course trains you in skills of developing games design or graphics as well as games functionality. This course equips you with the relevant knowledge of expanding and broad games industry to enable you to excel in this field. The demand for students with the information about games designing and development is not only limited to games industries but also many other enterprises such as Multimedia Designing, Movie Designing, Graphics Developer & designing and 3-D effects developer.
Study Mode Full time – 2 1/2 years
Commencement January ,April & September
Entry Requirements SPM with minimum 3 credit in any subject / pass certificate in related field / Other equivalent qualification recognized by the Government of Malaysia.
Course Details
Semester 1
No Subject Code Classification Credit Hrs
1 Academic English ENG 1103 Minor 3
2 Internet and Web Technology IT 1203 Minor 3
3 Drawing I: Basic Drawing Techniques GD 1303 Major 3
4 Introduction to Information Technology IT 1403 Minor 3
5 Basic Discrete Mathematics MATH 1503 Minor 3
6 Games Mechanics Design GD 2103 Major 3
7 Introduction to Simulation GD 2203 Major 3
8 Drawing II: Life Drawing GD 2303 Major 3
9 Principles of Computer Game Design GD 2403 Major 3
10 Introduction to Multimedia IT 2503 Minor 3
11 Bahasa Malaysia MPW 1113 Compulsory 3
12 Moral Studies Islamic Studies MPW 1143 MPW 1153 Compulsory 3
13 Malaysian Studies MPW 1133 Compulsory 3
14 Games Modding GD 4103 Major 3
15 Illustration for Game Art GD 4203 Major 3
16 Principles of Animation GD 4303 Major 3
17 System Analysis & Design IT 4403 Minor 3
18 Graphical User Interface Design GD 4503 Major 3
19 Conceptual Storytelling GD 5103 Major 3
20 Internet Programming IT 5203 Minor 3
21 3D Character Rigging & Animation GD 5303 Major 3
22 Level Design GD 5403 Minor 3
23 Art and Animation GD 5503 Major 3
24 Object Oriented Programming IT 5603 Minor 3
25 Testing & Balancing  GD 6103 Major 3
26 Creative Studies GD 6203 Major 3
27 Storyboarding Telling GD 6303 Major 3
28 3D Modelling  GD 7103 Major 3
29 Experimental Game Design GD 7203 Major 3
30 Project Report Writing GD 7303 Major 3
31 Industrial Placement GD 7404 Major 4

Diploma in Games Design

VIC's Business Administration course makes a student able of to take advantage of a large number of opportunities. This course includes a variety of trends which are applicable in mechanism of games development such as: Games Mechanics Designing, Graphical User Interface Designing, Art and Animation, 3D modeling. This programme also teaches students some essential trends of today's challenging environment of Internet and Web Technology such as the principles of Computer Game Design and experimental game design for developing the games played over internet or on personal computers manually.

Why Choose this Course?

This program from VIC provides students the opportunities available in the development market of gaming technology. This course is very suitable for individual professional game designers and developers as well as for students who want to work within any organization. For individuals in this gaming zone era, opportunities for having a secure future and a job guarantee is better than any professional career. Most of these opportunities are getting developed because of the reason that the market of gaming applications are expanding very fast. Developers now a day with practice of coding and developing skills are getting paid in Billions & Millions in International organizations. Such opportunities exist only for those students who have very proficient skills of coding &programming applications.