Diploma in Human Resource Management

Course Title Diploma in Human Resource Management
Course Overview

The DIPLOMA IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT course from Victoria International College, Malaysia is one of the various diploma courses offered to students by this college. In this course, students learn the various aspects of managing a business with respect of management of human resources. This course offered by Victoria International College is mainly focused on the administration of Human Resource in an organization.

Topics which a student learns under this course are related to the actual world scenarios of business management. Students will get to know about the management of strategies and plans, theories and Practices of managing human resources and many others. The course DHRM is considered as to train students with the skills applicable in administration of human resources in business organizations on the specializing etiquettes such as people’s behaviour for an organization, how to manage the aspects of economical conditions in a business etc.

Study Mode Full time – 2 ½ years
Commencement January ,April & September
Entry Requirements SPM with minimum 3 credit in any subject/ pass certificate in related field / Other equivalent qualification recognized by the Government of Malaysia
Course Details
Semester 1
Subject Code No Credit
Business English Eng 1113 3
Principle of Management DIHR 1123 3
Business mathematics DIHR 1134 4
Principle of Marketing DIHR 1143 3
Com. App in Business DIHR 1153 3
Microeconomics DIHR 1163 3
Semester 2
Subject Code No Credit
Business Communication DIHR 1213 3
Introduction to statistic DIHR 1224 4
Financial Accounting DIHR1234 4
Industrial Relation DIHR1244 4
Macroeconomic DIHR1253 3
Bahasa Malaysia MPW 1113 3
Malaysian Studies MPW 1133 3
Pengajian Islam MPW 1143 3
Pendidikan Moral MPW 1153 3
Semester 3
Subject Code No Credit
Human Resource Management DIHR 2113 3
Business ethics DIHR 2123 3
Company Law LAW 2134 4
Compensation and benefit DIHR2143 3
Organization Behaviour DIHR 2153 3
Semester 4
Subject Code No Credit
Human Resource Development DIHR 2213 3
Performance Management DIHR 2223 3
Employment Low LAW2234 4
Human resource Planning, recruitment and selecting DIHR2243 3
Semester 5
Subject Code No Credit
Human Resource Information System DIHR 2313 3
Occupational Safety& Health DIHR 2323 3
Semester 6
Subject Code No Credit
Entrepreneurship DIHR 3113 3
Training & Development DIHR 3123 3
Critical Thinking DIHR 3133 3
Hazard Management DIHR 3143 3

Diploma in Human Resource Management

Diploma in Human Resource Management is a diploma course for a student looking to make a career into the private sector companies such as BPO’s, Multi National Organizations, Individual and Independent Business divisions etc. DIPLOMA in HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT advances a student to get the advantages and benefits of opportunities which varies with the organizations.

This course is identified with the administration of different parts of human assets in an organization. The performance of workers in an association or organization, business (individual or regular) ought not to be exaggerated and this is the field of any business organization where the human assets are being modified and regulated. Human Resources management basically is the in charge of the administration of the work abilities & interpersonal abilities in the organization. A Human Resource Manager always keeps one thing in mind which is always the using and modification of human resources effectively.

Why Choose this Course?

This diploma course authorizes a student to get the fundamental administration thoughts regarding organizations. This course basically is intended to give students a vast realization of each & everything which relates them with business, for example, sponsoring, operational speculations, basics of money administration, conservative quality of organizations, client relationship administration, and vital administration of organizations, E-Business, Entrepreneurship and so on. These abilities are fundamental requirement for a student wishing to have a mesmerizing career ahead in the management. A diploma holder can likewise apply for higher study courses in business administration for example, Bachelor and Master courses of HRM. There are a whole lot of open doors after the finishing of this course for a student in different-2 segments.