Victoria International college have various kinds of accommodations for the students off-campus. The first thing the Victoria International college’s student to do before deciding to live off campus is to consider how you live and study in Malaysia. Apartment or house living involves some trade-offs. Victoria International college have their system of arranging accommodation for their students.

The services that they offer include a listing of apartment complexes near the Victoria International college, including address, phone number, distance from the campuses, number of bedrooms available, amenities and price range. This list should be a starting point for looking for an apartment around campus, though it really is most applicable to all students.

The another possibility to find the accommodation is through the local newspaper classified advertisements. A lots of apartments that should come open on a regular basis for the students accommodation. Walk over and speak with the staff members.

If you’re around here, simply driving around the surrounding area to check out the available places, how they look, and how far they are from campus works quite well. Most of these apartment are available I walking distance.

The international office can guide the students in the accommodation matters. The international office acts in an advisory capacity only and does not make reservations, appointments, or rental commitments or participate in any negotiations with landlords. Individuals must, on their own, meet with the landlords, inspect the apartments, and make the lease arrangements. Because of varying costs and the quality of accommodations, personal visits to available rooms/apartments should be made before making final arrangements. Students can stay with their friends or class-mates.