Industrial Collabration

Quality education cannot be achieved without practical training. The importance of vigorous training under actual circumstances and case studies can be well understood in present competitive environment where every enterprise is result oriented and demands output. Various enactments and committees has been laid and established by the Govt. from time to time accentuating the need of strong industry collaboration in Malaysia which can be achieved with simultaneous efforts of college only.

In order to come over with those expectations and demands of unexpected corporate market, VIC works with industrial collaboration while bridging the gap between students and job market. This linkage within the different sectors of the corporate world would assist to produce efficient technocrats to the market. The brand and top companies are always craving of efficient professionals where this topology of industrial collaboration would VIC while catering the emerging needs of entrepreneurs. The VIC will be responsible for not only building and maintaining linkages with various enterprises but will also provides unique platform to check and improve the training curriculum of various fields of studies and thereby set new and improved standards of qualifying. The main objectives of VIC industrial collaboration are outlined as under:-

  • Establishing relative contacts and linkages with industries / trades / academic faculties and students.
  • To enable influential exchange of information between college and industries.
  • To review from time to time the training curriculum under various fields to identify the emerging shortcomings and enable students to face challenges in complex environment.
  • Campus placement system.
  • Conducting seminars / symposiums and general meet for raise interaction with corporate experts