Diploma in Physiotherapy

Course Title Diploma in Physiotherapy
Course Overview Diploma in Physiotherapy course from Victoria International College is special designed course for students who want to learn physical therapy. This field is one of the fastest-growing related areas in medicinal grounds. This course is the system of treatment of diseases and disabilities using physical exercises. Diploma in Physiotherapy will make you learn how to find the optimal functioning of the body. It involves the maintenance, assessment & restoration of performance of the body and is strongly recommended for people who are physically challenged, sportspeople and those who are suffering from arthritis and neurological disorders.
Study Mode Full time - 3 years
Commencement January ,April & September
Entry Requirements SPM 3 credit including Science or pass certificate related field or Other equivalent qualification recognized by the Government of Malaysia.
Course Details
1 Anatomy
2 Introduction to Health Care System
3 English Proficiency
4 Computer Skills
5 Islamic Studies
6 Moral Studies
7 Exercise Therapy I
8 Physiology
9 Applied Anatomy
10 Introduction to Pathology
11 Exercise Therapy II
12 Physics
13 Clinical Practice I
14 Behavioral Science &Physiotherapy
15 Biomechanics
16 Kinesiology
17 Musculoskeletal I
18 Electrotherapy I
19 Clinical Practice II
20 Neurology I
21 Malaysian Studies
22 Electrotherapy II
23 Women's Health & Sports Physiotherapy
24 Cardiorespiratory I
25 Clinical Practice III
26 Musculoskeletal II
27 Cardiorespiratory II
28 Neurology II
29 National Language A
30 Clinical Practice IV
31 Geriatric Physiotherapy
32 Musculoskeletal III
33 Paediatric physiotherapy
34 Cardiorespiratory III
35 Clinical practice V
36 Rehabilitation medicine

Diploma in Physiotherapy in Malaysia

A health care profession that deals with finding out and maximizing people’s movement potential to help them improve the quality of life is physiotherapy. Some of the aspects it deals with are prevention, diagnosis and intervention, in addition to promotion of optimal movement and rehabilitation. This is done with the aim of ensuring the social, emotional, physical and psychological well-being of people.

Assessing and diagnosing movement potential: Besides patients and clients, physical therapists also interact with care givers, families, the community, and other professionals from the field of health care. One of the key tasks of physical therapists is to assess and diagnose movement potential. Based on this, they develop goals that will suit a patient. The age group of the people that a physical therapist deals with can vary from newborns to the elderly.

Some of the issues they look into are related to medical conditions, injuries or illnesses that limit a person’s ability to move or carry out regular activities. Physical therapists base their understanding of a patient’s condition on the basis of the history of the person and the results of a physical examination. The diagnosis will then help the professionals create a plan to manage the condition.

Physiotherapy courses that are wellness and fitness oriented will have to be developed to help patients in this condition. Through this, physical therapists will be able to help people retain and restore functional movement, which is one of the factors that determine the health of a person. Another area that physical therapists look into is pain reduction and management. Some of the physiological systems that they will have to deal with are respiratory, cardiovascular, musculo-skeletal and neuro-muscular.

Why Choose this Course?

After successful completion of this physiotherapy course employment opportunities for physiotherapists are fabulous as it is one of those careers where the demand exceeds supply within the market. A student as a physiotherapist could be employed in the rehabilitation or treatment departments, community corporations and private bodies. Physiotherapy plays an important & needy role in the treatment of the patients suffering with the muscular and cerebral problems and this is why demand of physiotherapists in medical institutions & colleges is increasing day by day. Physiotherapists can also make their career in teaching industry and those with adequate money also can establish private clinics or hospitals of their own. The demand for physiotherapists in the foreign countries as well as home countries is immense. Physiotherapists are in great demand in countries like USA, Canada and Australia.