About VIC - Malaysian college

Victoria International College has established itself as a premier educational institution since its foundation in 1976. Our excellent faculty, industry aligned courses and relevant curriculum, all serve to give us pride of place in the educational field. Students and their needs always come first at VIC and this is the reason why so many international candidates prefer to come to us in addition to our local students.

At VIC, we believe that imparting skills that are compatible with current needs is the way to empower our students in scripting successful careers. We offer an excellent environment for effective learning, exchange of thoughts and exposure to various cultures and attitudes so that each student is able to expand his knowledge and understanding in the best possible way.

A Holistic Approach to Education

At Victoria International College, we firmly believe that education needs to encompass the intellectual, emotional, physical, moral and cultural growth of a human being. In keeping with the tenets put forth by Thoreau as the foundation of 'progressive education', at VIC we encourage all round development of each student.

Our holistic approach to education allows us to view students as much more than mere employees of the future. In doing so, we aim to inculcate a passionate love for learning and understanding in each and every student stepping over our threshold. This kindles in them an urge for expanding their knowledge on a continuous basis. In today's technology intensive world, where change is constant, an employee who is keen on upgrading his/ her knowledge constantly is a great asset to any organization and this is what our students can transform into.

Our holistic approach also enables us to be highly responsive to different learning styles and needs of different students. Our teachers are committed to promoting a healthy, collaborative environment within the classrooms. This fosters better and more effective learning for all. Active learning, interaction, reflection and questioning are encouraged so that every student participates to the maximum in the classroom and thus gets fully involved in the process. This, in turn, ensures that he or she gains a deep understanding and appreciation of the subject being taught.

Expert Faculty Members who are Skilled in Teaching

Our faculty members are hand picked from the very best personages in each of the industries. These eminent teachers are not only experts in their chosen fields but also share a common love for imparting knowledge. Their proven skill in teaching enables them to accurately gauge the depth of understanding each student has. This, in turn, allows them to offer customized solutions that result in the most effective learning.

VIC faculty members are skilled at motivating students into bringing their best to the classroom by means of engaging them through various innovative teaching methods. Workshops, training sessions, classroom discussions and question- answer sessions are all a part of our regular teaching process. These and many other innovative initiatives allow us to identify and nurture inherent skills in each of our students.

Low Student- Teacher Ratio Enables Focused Learning

Different students have different learning styles. In fact, no two students gain exactly the same level or depth of understanding from the same learning module. This makes it important for an educational institution to allow for maximum interaction between the faculty and every student. At VIC we maintain a low student- teacher ratio so that every student gets the best possible attention. Each of our faculty members is committed to giving his or her best to every student and this low ratio further helps in achieving this goal. Individual attention is given to every candidate so that the subject may be taught to him in a way such that he gains optimum results.

Ideal Environment Promoting Academic Excellence and Imparting Life Skills

VIC maintains top notch infrastructure so that there are no physical or technological limitations to the learning that can be gained within our walls. All manner of information sources are available to students here and are also made easily accessible at all times so that education is never time bound. This also allows students to explore a subject of his/ her interest far beyond the outlines set out in the curriculum.

Student- teacher interaction is actively encouraged in all of our courses so that every aspect of the discipline being taught can be discussed at length at a pace set by the learners themselves. One on one discussions and group discussions among students are promoted through collaborative activities set out by the faculty. Owing to the multi- cultural student population, this allows every one of them to experience various viewpoints and widely divergent approaches to problems. The student mix also promotes the ability to work in concert with people of differing view points- a skill that proves invaluable in future life.

Industry Aligned Curriculum

As the needs of the market undergo changes year after year, education should keep pace and transform accordingly. Only then will there be qualified, skilled personnel to take up new challenges in all forms of industry. At VIC we undertake to equip all our students in the best possible way to address the current needs of the field they have chosen to qualify themselves in. Our curriculum is reviewed periodically and realigned, if necessary, so that any significant changes in the relevant field are addressed and the necessary educational tools incorporated. In this way, we empower our students so that they can lay claim to the best career opportunities in top rated organizations.

We pride ourselves on the relevant and modern courses that we offer so that students have an opportunity to train themselves for emerging career roles as well. As businesses worldwide transform the way they carry out operations, this adaptability gives our students a definite edge over others when it comes to finding suitable careers.

Our courses are designed to be challenging and unique so that every student constantly gains fresh perspectives on how the knowledge base is applied in various situations. This helps him/ her tackle difficult situations at work in later years. This ability to think on the feet is, in fact, one of the most sought after traits by today's employers.

As part of our regular courses, we also include programs that specifically address present day employment skills and requirements. Such programs are designed to match the standards set by professional associations that have the best understanding of the industry's current needs. These programs help the student train himself for a specific industry through a focused approach.

Courses Offered At VIC

At the Kuala Lumpur college campus, VIC offers management training on par with the world's leading institutions. We train and nurture management professionals so that they can address all manner of challenges in the following fields:

  • Catering and Hotel Industry
  • Airline and Tourism
  • Information Technology
  • Academic English
  • Business Management
  • Master of Business Administration

These courses are designed to equip each and every student with the requisite management skills and leadership qualities. Our students are trained to maintain methodical approach, employ logical problem solving skills and handle inter- personal relationships successfully. This training enables them to address all management challenges with self assurance.

At the Bandar Tasik Puteri, Rawang campus, VIC offers industry best training for aspiring health care professionals. Students can pursue careers in the field of:

  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Environmental Health
  • Nursing

Robust infrastructure is a critical aspect for training in this industry and at VIC we pay special attention to this aspect. To empower the students with the right experience to deal effectively with real life situations at work, we train them at the campus and also offer clinical training at various hospitals. This helps them gain an insight into the unique atmosphere that prevails in such locations so that they have complete understanding of what the career involves. This helps them adapt more easily to the situation when they begin their career.

Further Learning Opportunities

Our courses and curriculum are designed in such a way that they conform to international standards. Those who have had the advantage of studying at Victoria International College will find themselves fully equipped to undertake further education to expand their skills or to undertake further studies in specialized areas. We have collaborations with well known educational institutions such as Lincoln University, Strathclyde University, London Metropolitan University, Griffith University, Keele University, Victoria University and La Trobe University. Leveraging these collaborations gives you special benefits when you pursue further studies at any of these renowned institutions.

We welcome you to VIC where you will experience academic excellence and industry relevant training at our campus. Our committed faculty members will help you imbibe relevant knowledge and skills to equip yourself with the best tools to address challenges in any industry. Our robust infrastructure and curriculum have been developed with the objective of giving you ample opportunity to test out your skills in-house before you need to prove yourself in the industry. VIC is one of the Malaysian Colleges providing skill education. When you receive your academic training at VIC, you are sure to have the confidence and skills to take up the most challenging careers of all.