Skilled Programmes(JPK) in Malaysia

Our Accredited centre, Victoria International College offers skills Certificate/Diploma (SKM/DKM) courses under the Jabatan Kemahiran Malaysia (Department of Skills Development of the Ministry of Human Resources). Various skill courses are offered in the fields of:

Entry Requirement for Skill Courses

All Malaysian school leavers with PMR/SPM, aged between 15 to 35 tahun and able to speak and write in Malay or English are eligible for entry.

Financial Aids / Government(PTPK) Study Loans

Students pursuing the courses (SKM/DKM) could take the Malaysian Government study loan from TPK (Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran). Students will also get RM 300 monthly allowance for the entire duration of the course.

Learning Outcome

Skills certification is recognized by the industries in Malaysia and other parts of the world. Malaysian Skills Certification provides a career path and personal development comparable to exciting career path based on academic qualifications. Malaysian Skills Qualifications are able to produce skilled workers who are trained and are qualified to improve the competitiveness of local industries in the world market.