Course Overview The Diploma of Accounting is an effectively determined course designed for students who are looking for making a profession ahead in the business sector identified with accounting, reports, credits and administrations of various organizations located globally. This course offered by Victoria International College concentrates on the administration of effective methodologies into the organizations. There won't be any need to say that this course is effectively designed for students who want to be a part of the rapidly changing scenarios of business environments around the world. VIC's diploma course in accounting permits a student to take the advantages of countless opportunities and benefits of being in the business.
Study Mode Full time – 2 1/2 years
Commencement January ,April & September
Entry Requirements SPM with minimum 3 credit in any subject and Pass in Mathematics or pass certificate programme or Other equivalent qualification recognized by the Government of Malaysia.
Course Details
Year 1
DIAC 1113 Financial Accounting 1 3
DIAC 1123 Computer Software Application 3
DIAC 1133 Introduction to Business 3
DIAC 1143 Business Mathematics 3
ENL 010 English Proficiency 3
DIAC 1213 Financial Accounting II 3
MGT 112 Principles of Management 3
DIAC 1233 Introduction to Statistics 3
DIAC 1243 Mainstream English I 3
DIAC 1253 Cost Accounting 3
MPU 1262 Pengajian Moral (Pelajar Bukan Islam)
MPU 1272 Pengajian Islam (pelajar Islam Sahaja)
Year 2
DIAC 1262 Pengajian Moral (Pelajar Bukan Islam) 2
MPU 1272 Pengajian Islam (pelajar Islam Sahaja) 2
DIAC 2113 Financial Accounting III 3
DIAC 2123 Mainstream English II 3
DIAC 2133 Computerized Accounting 3
DIAC 2143 Microeconomics 3
MPU 2153 Entrepreneurship 3
Financial Accounting IV 3
DIAC 2223 Management Accounting 3
DIAC 2233 Taxation I 3
DIAC 2243 Macroeconomics 3
Year 3
MPU 2262 Soft Skills 2
DIAC 3113 Financial Accounting V 3
DIAC 3123 Taxation II 3
FNC 211 Financial Management 3

Diploma in Accounting, Malaysia

This diploma course from the Victoria International College is among the diploma courses which is designed to furnish the students with the learning of skills and aptitudes of accounting which they will get to use individually or in the organizations. Students after the completion of this course can be employed in any corporate, private sector and governmental offices or they could apply for the higher learning courses after finishing of this diploma course. Higher Study can be pursued in the areas of accounting, law or business. For Bachelor of Accounting students will have to pass this course with flying colors and then they will be qualified for the higher degree course in Victoria International College in Accountancy course.

Why Choose Diploma in Accounting?

DIPLOMA IN ACCOUNTING course is proposed and designed by VIC to prepare students in the management of businesses & accounting. This course excels a student to exceed the unexpected success in the field of accounting and management. However, the limits for an accounting expert are just not restricted to any accounting firm and industry or similar area. Victoria International College gives Diploma in accounting course degree with planning the undergraduates accordingly for the aggressive business world ahead. This three years degree offers students an incredible stage to learn and showcase their accounting and commerce skills into the administration and managing of accounts.