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Certificate in English for Academic Purpose, Level 2

Certificate in English for Academic Purpose – Level II

Victoria International College offers certificate program in English specially designed to meet the requirements of those students whose first language is not English. The certificate program is offered at three levels. Level I deals with the basics of the language, the intermediate level or level II helps in further development of writing, speaking and overall language skills and level III enables students to master the language.

The course is ideal to meet the English language requirements for academic purposes. At all major universities, most of the academic courses are taught in English. As such, students for whom English is not the first language are likely to face difficulties in the classroom. In order to comprehend everything that is taught in the classroom and to make the most of one’s course, understanding of English language is essential. Proficiency in English is necessary for gaining knowledge of desired subject as well as for academic excellence in the course.

The origin of English language, which is considered global language today, can be traced back to three Germanic tribes – the Jutes, the Saxons and the Angles that invaded Britain in the 5th century AD. At the time, the natives of the region spoke a Celtic language. But these inhabitants were driven to the north and west (Ireland, Scotland and Wales) by the invaders. The native language of the Angles tribe belonging to Englaland was Englisc. This is the origin of words English and England. With the British invasion of nations across different continents, the English language was gradually popularized throughout the globe.

Countries like Great Britain and Ireland, and former British colonies like Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean, Indian and Pacific Ocean islands, and South Africa form the traditional base of English language. Apart from these, there are a number of countries where English holds historical or official importance. These include the Commonwealth Nations, Philippines, Nigeria, India and Pakistan. In many of these nations English is predominantly used for purposes like national commerce, legislature and judiciary, and higher education.

The use of English language is not limited to these nations. The usage is rapidly growing in regions across the world. Today native English speakers are significantly outnumbered by non-native English speakers indicating the truly global nature of the language. Proficiency in English has become a necessity in academic as well as professional fields. The certificate course in English offered by Victoria International College helps you gain this extremely important skill.

About the Course

The main aim of certificate course in English for academic purposes offered by Victoria International College (VIC) is to help students improve their spoken and written English language skills. On completion of the course, non-native English speakers will find themselves better equipped to handle both undergraduate as well as post graduate level courses. You can take up level II course after completing level I or directly, if you are already aware of the basics.

The main objectives of VIC’s certificate course in English for academic purpose include:

  • Developing ability to express opinions, narrate stories, give explanations, offer instructions and communicate situations in written and oral English
  • Offering information about specific terminology to meet the academic requirements of the students
  • Ensuring that students are capable of providing basic description of various subjects in English
  • Developing receptive understanding skills and, discourse and interrogative capabilities

With improved English language skills, students will find their academic courses easier and more rewarding. VIC’s certificate program strives to produce reflective, independent and confident learners capable of excelling in any academic discipline taught in English. The course has been designed to include an optimum combination of theory and practical. The theoretical exercises help in developing a strong base for the language, while practical exercises encourage real life application of the knowledge. Some of the aspects covered in the course include:

  • Basics of English Language Level II
  • English Numeration
  • Descriptive Skills
  • Written Skills
  • Receptive Development
  • Basic Terminology as per Student Requirements
  • Communicative Activities
  • Vocabulary Development

Basics of English Language Level II: Unlike level I, the basics of English level II include complex grammatical structures. This helps in the development of discourse and interrogative capabilities. The subject enables you to fluently communicate in situations that involve asking for information, greeting and introducing, making a request, inviting someone and offering something in English.

English Numeration: This section of the course aims as developing numbering, cost, time and quantity vocabulary. It enables students to take part in interactions that involve telling or requesting the time, and purchasing or selling articles. A number of numerical expressions are covered here. These include decimals, fractions and cardinal numbers.

Descriptive Skills: This covers comparative aspect of the language. The subject includes exercises for building vocabulary with regards to places and people, and expression or communication of ideas and opinions. The exercises enable students to ask for descriptions as well as provide them.

Written Skills: Here students are taught fundamental writing skills and the application of grammatical structures. The subject helps students create grammatically sound written narratives describing past events and expressing opinions, and formal as well as informal letters. Students will also learn about the importance of maintaining proper flow while writing.

Receptive Development: The subject helps in the development of listening comprehension. Students are encouraged to focus on different aspects of structure and vocabulary. It includes reading and video comprehension. Under reading, students are taught strategies for intensive reading, scanning and skimming. Video exercises help in the development of audio-visual receptive skills. The use of authentic radio clips, video broadcasts and other exercises ensure increased language proficiency.

Basic Terminology as per Student Requirements: English vocabulary requirement of students can differ slightly based on the academic disciplines chosen by them. For instance, a student of management will find business terminologies useful, while medical terms will come in handy for a nursing student. The certificate course in English for academic purpose offered by Victoria International College takes this into account and modifies course content to suit the needs of students. This ensures that students get exactly they need from the course.

Communicative Activities: Communicative activities are the best way to improve verbal language skills. This is the reason why the students of VIC’s certificate course in English are give a number of communicative exercises. These include role play based on real life situations, individual as well as group projects, information gathering with respect to personal details, cost, time and place, and narrative generation. Debates are organized to improve the ability of expressing ones opinions.

Vocabulary Development: Good vocabulary is a basic requirement in order to be able to communicate effectively in a given language. Vocabulary plays a significant role in the overall impression created by a person. Research indicates that people having good vocabulary are often judged as smart and competent.

Targeted vocabulary development for academic purpose is the main goal of this subject. Several exercises are undertaken for this. These include written reports on relevant subjects, role play aimed at increasing the use of relevant areas of language, extension of lexis in suitable areas and interviewing exercises to improve explanation and instruction capabilities.

Why Choose this Course?

Ability to communicate in English is essential for academic excellence as well as advancement in professional field. Being a language that is recognized and spoken across the world, proficiency in English enables you to communicate globally and widen your horizons.

English is the most preferred medium of education. A majority of undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses are taught in English. Proficiency in English is essential to take advantage of these courses. Even if English is not your first language, you can make the most of these courses with the help of VIC’s certificate course in English for academic purposes. The program is specifically designed for students whose first language is not English. Moreover, the course is highly flexible. The course content can be altered to suit your specific academic requirements.

Although the course has been designed for academic purpose, the skills gained from the program are likely to be useful in the professional world as well. Lack of English proficiency can deter your professional advancement. Even simple activities like international travel require knowledge of English language.

The world is becoming a smaller place with the advancement of technology. The internet has made it possible even for small businesses to go global. In order to make the most of the opportunities offered by this globalized environment, apart from professional expertise proficiency in English language is also essential.

English is a comparatively simple language. VIC’s certificate course in English for academic purposes makes it even easier. The course is taught by highly experienced and capable faculty. Small size of class room ensures that each student gets individual attention. Expert faculty, use of a wide variety of learning techniques including assignments, debates, role play, projects and other communicative activities, excellent educational facilities and multicultural environment ensure that learning at VIC is fun and interesting.

Studying Further

On completion of certificate course in English for academic purposes level II, you can take up level III. Level III takes you one step further in the study of English. The third and final level of the certificate course can help you attain complete mastery over the language. This also helps you ensure a place for higher education in any university, where English proficiency is one of the basic requirements. Upon the completion of all three levels of the course, you will be able to interact fluently and confidently with native English speakers.

Career Prospects for Students

The certificate course in English for academic purposes is an ideal complement for all kinds of tertiary programs. Proficiency in English helps students better understand other academic disciplines as the classes and the study material, textbooks and reference books are in English.

Ability to communicate effectively in English is essential for academic excellence. The certificate course equips you for accurate comprehension and expression in English. You will also learn methods of researching, preparing and presenting oral and written text required for tertiary study. Even those who have studied English in school, but feel inept at the language will find the level II certificate course useful.

English proficiency helps attain academic excellence, which in turn can give you a head start in the professional world. Regardless of the area of tertiary study, you are sure to find the knowledge of English language useful. For instance, students of management need to communicate with people for different nationalities and English is the accepted language for international communication. Know-how of English is extremely important to succeed in today’s increasingly globalized world.

About Victoria International College

Founded in 1976 and located in Kuala Lumpur.  Victoria International College has a long tradition of educational excellence. The institute aims to become one of the best international learning centers in the world. To this end the college has taken a number of steps. These include attracting, retaining and nurturing highly qualified and experienced faculty, providing state of the art educational facilities and creating a focused learning culture.

Victoria International College is well known for providing holistic, industry focused and relevant courses. The college has collaborations with a number of other prestigious institutions like Griffith University, Lincoln University, London Metropolitan University, Keele University, Victoria University (Australia), Strathclyde University and La Trobe University. These associations provide students opportunities for further education in various disciplines.

Over the past 3 decades VIC has made a place for itself in the international academic community. The institute’s dedication towards academic excellence attracts students from across the globe. All the courses offered by VIC are specifically designed to suit the needs of the industry. Students are taught much sought after skills, which make them prize-hires for would-be employers. Proficiency in English is one of the highly desired skills and VIC helps students attain this through certificate course in English. VIC strongly believes that knowledge is the basic tool for transforming individuals and society for a better future.


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