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Sebanyak RM3 juta diperuntukan oleh VIC untuk pengambilan 2014. Tiada duit?? Kurang kelayakan?? Cuma tahu membaca?? Menulis?? Nak belajar sampai ijazah??
Jom masuk VIC, kami sedia membantu anda ! !
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Victoria International College Vision

The motto at Victoria International College is to nurture possibilities and inspire futures. Our goal is to become a college par excellence. As an international college based in Malaysia, VIC aspires to become a key center in worldwide knowledge networks.

At VIC, all members enjoy a large number of opportunities for personal, professional and intellectual growth. Working or learning at VIC will result in the development of well-rounded individuals, who are fully equipped to tackle the challenges of today’s fast paced world. We endeavor to nurture individuals who can make a difference in the society either as members or leaders through transformative education.

To actualize this vision, Victoria International College strives to:

  • Attract academically strong, passionate and dedicated students from diverse backgrounds.
  •  Draw, nurture and retain the best faculty, as it is the single most important factor that determines that quality of education.
  •  Provide excellent educational experience with programs that are relevant to the needs of the industry, broaden horizons, offer global orientation, and enable the development of skills and values that help students reach their full potential.
  • Develop an environment that instills commitment towards life-long learning among staff members as well as students.
  • Nurture excellence in the process of teaching, learning, research and all the activities in general.
  • Instill a spirit of enterprise and leadership.
  • Ensure optimal staff and student services, management of resources and administration by adopting the best practices for management and governance.
  • Develop a worldwide profile as a university par excellence and create an international community of passionate and dedicated professionals, scholars, intellectuals and officers.
  • Produce professionals who can contribute towards comprehensive, balanced and sustainable growth in Malaysia and across the world.
  • Foster intercultural understanding among individuals from various communities and nations.

Victoria International College Core Values


In today’s competitive world, excelling at everything one does is the only way to succeed. We at Victoria International College understand this and strive to offer the best of everything. Our selection process ensures that passionate and committed individuals form the student base at the college.

Such students deserve the best teachers, who not only have command over subject, but are also aware of effective teaching methods. We ensure this by attracting, nurturing and retaining highly trained and experienced faculty.

The result is an environment that inspires commitment towards learning among both staff and students, and generates professionals, who are ready to face the challenges of today’s dynamic world successfully.


Congruence to its core values and ideologies in all its stances is the biggest proof of VIC’s integrity. All relationships including those between college and students, students and faculty, and college and faculty are based on trust, and integrity is necessary to earn trust. For the past 35 years VIC has been upholding all its core values with integrity, which has enabled it to attract an international community of talented students.


VIC tries to implement the best management and administrative practices and this includes maintaining the highest possible level of transparency in all its operations. At VIC you can be sure of receiving all the information you require upfront. All our activities, policies and decisions are accessible to staff as well as students. This helps in the creation of a fair and unbiased system.


We are passionate about our work and we try to ignite the same passion in our staff members and students as well. The force that urges you to give your best is passion. This is the quality that can turn ordinary into extraordinary. It is our passion for knowledge and education that drives us to work relentlessly towards becoming a global educational center par excellence.

Academic Freedom

At VIC, students as well as staff members are free to study, teach and pursue knowledge in general without unreasonable restrictions or interference from institutional regulations and policies. This helps students broaden their horizons and allows them to form their own opinions and express them.


An educational institution cannot exist as a standalone entity. Its quality is determined by the quality of its students, staff members and managers. This is the reason why we encourage teamwork at all levels and try to instill a sense of ownership and belonging among all the members of VIC family.


World is changing at such a rapid pace that creative thinking is essential to survive. No matter how well prepared you are today, you need to be able to adapt to the changes. This is where creativity comes into the pictures. Small sized classes that support personalized attention and promote animated discussions – this is just one of the measures taken by us to promote creativity at VIC.


Accountability is a multifaceted term that involves authority, responsibility, evaluation as well as control. As far as accountability in education is concerned, it may be defined as the responsibility that accompanies the authority to do something. VIC takes its responsibilities very seriously and ensures that the authority that it has is used in a credible and justifiable manner.


When it comes to professionalism, we believe in leading by example. All our staff members exemplify professionalism. We believe that professionalism is one of the core elements of education. It is a quality that one cannot do without in the outside world. At college students are taught skills for succeeding the professional world, but their education will be incomplete without a lesson in professionalism.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility means sensitive and ethical behavior towards cultural, social, environmental as well as economic issues. At VIC you will come in touch with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. This is a great opportunity to widen one’s horizons and gain global orientation. We promote socially responsible behavior to ensure that all the professionals, intellectuals and scholars that pass out from the college have a positive impact on the communities they come in contact with.

Postal & Location Address:
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