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Sebanyak RM3 juta diperuntukan oleh VIC untuk pengambilan 2014. Tiada duit?? Kurang kelayakan?? Cuma tahu membaca?? Menulis?? Nak belajar sampai ijazah??
Jom masuk VIC, kami sedia membantu anda ! !
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VIC Mission

Victoria International College (VIC) Mission


Victoria International College’s mission is to offer outstanding educational programs distinguished by transformative learning experiences that enlighten students and enable them to excel in classrooms and beyond. We strive to nurture possibilities and inspire futures. VIC is committed to the development of a learned and dynamic society through transformational education.


At Victoria International College, the intellectual, creative, civic and moral capabilities of students are developed to the fullest through mental discipline and rich social experiences. We endeavor to generate knowledge, open the minds of our students to this knowledge and help them make the most of this educational opportunity. Everyone at VIC is encouraged to express their ideas freely. We strive to identify and eliminate restraints on full participation of students and help them develop to their maximum human and intellectual potential.


VIC has been offering quality educational services for the past 35 years. Our aim is to serve the community as the most preferred international learning center in areas like hotel and catering management, business administration, business management, accounting, information technology, pharmacy, nursing, physiotherapy, airlines and tourism management, and English.


Strategic Goals Continually Pursued by Victoria International College


  • Lead the educational community by example with our teaching and learning
  • Keep all our programs focused on the needs of the relevant industry
  • Provide an international outlook to our students
  • Maintain a multicultural environment, and foster respect and appreciation for ethnic diversity
  • Encourage students to achieve their full potential
  • Promote student engagement and transformative learning
  • Produce professionals capable of providing high value to employers
  • Establish ways that enable students to have their say in the strategic planning and decision making processes
  • Ensure optimum use of resources
  • Develop mutually beneficial and long lasting relationships with the business community


Lead the Educational Community by Example with Our Teaching and Learning Standards


Victoria International College has been offering quality educational services for over 3 decades. We are committed to maintaining the highest teaching and learning standards. VIC has made a place for itself in the education industry with its commitment to excellence. Our aim is to be recognized as an international learning center par excellence.


We understand that excellent faculty is the single most important requirement for offering quality education. This is the reason why we make efforts to attract, nurture and retain exceptional faculty. Our staff members are highly experienced and have in-depth subject knowledge. They are not only masters of their subjects, but also well aware of effective teaching techniques. At VIC student-teacher interaction is encouraged to help students gain as much knowledge as possible from every class. All our programs have been designed with a specific focus on the relevant industry.


We offer all the facilities and tools required to encourage excellence in teaching and learning. These include well equipped classrooms, laboratories, libraries and examination halls. The focused educational environment at VIC encourages exceptional teaching and learning.


Keep all Our Programs Focused on the Needs of the Relevant Industry


Our goal is to convert students into professionals capable of succeeding at workplace. For this, we offer courses that are designed with the requirements of the relevant industry in mind. Our programs combine traditional knowledge based education with practical professional training. This equips students with skills required to fulfill the needs of the industry. Such graduates are prized-hires for potential employers as they can immediately start making a significant contribution towards the organization.


Provide an International Outlook to Our Students


Advancements in the field of technology have brought the world closer. The internet has made it possible for people located at opposite corners to the globe to communicate with each other easily and conveniently. Because of this, the number of multinational businesses is increasing everyday. In order to survive in this environment, international outlook is essential.


VIC is a truly international education center. Our programs are designed to broaden the horizon of students and to offer them a global outlook. For instance, VIC’s Business Administration program imparts knowledge and skills required to work in international business environment and to overcome the issues faced by organizations at a global level.


Maintain a Multicultural Environment and Foster Respect and Appreciation for Ethnic Diversity


VIC attracts students from across the globe. The opportunity of meeting people from different corners of the world is one of the many benefits of studying at an international learning center like VIC. Here students come in touch with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. This allows them to learn about foreign cultures, make friends across the globe and learn new languages.


An understanding of the differences between different cultures can be a huge asset. It is especially important in the increasingly globalized business environment. At VIC, we strive to encourage appreciation and respect for ethnic diversity.


Encourage Students to Achieve their Full Potential


VIC makes all possible efforts to help students reach their full potential. To this end, we encourage free expression of opinions and ideas. Interaction between students and faculty members is encouraged as this not only helps students gain a better understanding of traditional concepts, but also encourages the generation of new ideas. Our faculty members are highly experienced and conversant with techniques that can encourage students to do their best.


Our programs include a combination of theoretical and practical components. This helps students gain the knowledge as well as the skills required to succeed in their chosen career. The environment at VIC promotes lifelong learning and commitment to excellence.


Promote Student Engagement and Transformative Learning


We strongly believe that knowledge has the power to transform individuals and overall society. To this end we make continuous efforts to encourage transformative learning.


The small size of classrooms at Victoria International College promotes individual attention and encourages interaction between faculty members and students. This allows students to make the most of our knowledgeable teacher. Students can clarify doubts, gain better understanding of traditional concepts and also discuss new ideas with staff members.


Academic excellence, a wide variety of learning opportunities and student-faculty interaction make the experience of studying at VIC unique. Apart from forming a strong theoretical foundation and helping students’ achieve their academic objectives, VIC encourages students to make positive transformational changes in the society by offering various learning opportunities.


Produce Professionals Capable of Providing High Value to Employers


VIC strives to convert students into professionals capable of making significant contribution to their organizations. Our selection process ensures that students capable of maintaining our high academic standards are chosen. All our courses are industry focused. This means that they have been designed to fulfill the requirements of relevant industries. The programs include a balance combination of theoretical and practical work. This helps us equip students with the knowledge and skills that are sought by potential employers. We make every effort to ensure that the professionals produced by VIC make positive contribution not only to their organization, but also to the society.


Establish Ways that Enable Students to have their Say in the Strategic Planning and Decision Making Processes


VIC follows the best practices with regards to the administration and management of the institution. This includes allowing students to express their opinions with regards to strategic planning and decision making process.


We understand that team work is essential for the success of any institution. Teamwork is one of our core values. We believe that the quality of any institution is determined by the quality of its managers, staff members and students. We try to instill a sense of ownership and belonging among all VIC family members and students are an important part of it.


The open door policy followed by us allows students to discuss problems and offer suggestions to the faculty or the members of management. We continuously try to come up with better methods of communication to encourage the involvement of students in the strategic planning and decision making processes.


Ensure Optimum Use of Resources


VIC strives to make the most of all its resources with careful planning at strategic and departmental levels. Our commitment to the management best practices helps us ensure optimum use of resources. We continually looks for ways to further optimize resource usage. These efforts translate into even better facilities for students.


Develop Mutually Beneficial and Long Lasting Relationships with the Business Community


Growth is an objective that each and every organization has in common. Capable human resource is one of the basic requirements for the expansion of a firm. This means that employers are always on the look out for suitable candidates to fulfill the growing needs of their company.


VIC offers a wide range of educational programs. The programs offer both theoretical background and practical training. The industrial focus of our programs equips our students with knowledge, attitude and skills sought by employers.


Relationship with the business community is mutually beneficial as it helps firms gain valuable employees and creates attractive employment opportunities for VIC students. Over the last three decades VIC has developed relationships with a number of major companies. We continue to strengthen and grow our relations with the members of global business community.


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